Overnight: Flash Flooding Rescue In Harvest

Can you tell how deep the water is on that road above? The man driving that car couldn't either. Crews had to rescue him overnight at the intersection of Kelly Spring Road and David Douglas Road in Harvest. But that's what we've been seeing for the last 16 hours or so in the Tennessee Valley.

This morning on WAFF 48 News Today, Christine Pae joins us live to tell us what those crews did to get that man free and how bad the flooding is right now. Http://bit.ly/125Siqd We'll also check in on East Limestone, Madison, Hartselle and Athens.

Storm Team Meteorologist Jeff Castle is tracking more rain for today, which could lead to more flash floods. Here's Storm Tracker Doppler Radar http://bit.ly/uDu9dU. Check out what Jeff sees for your neighborhood hour by hour with Pinpoint Predictor. You'll see him every ten minutes this morning and every morning.

You could see more protests in Egypt today. This time, they may come from the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that backed former President Mohammed Morsi. We'll check in with Tracie Potts in Washington at 5:13.

And if you had or went to a cookout yesterday for the 4th, I hope it went well and you didn't eat too much. You couldn't have had enough to top Jaws or The Black Widow. They're your repeat winners at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. And Jaws, Joey Chestnut, broke someone else's record and one of his own. Disgusting? At times, and yet I can't look away. We'll take you there at 5:55.

But we're on right now. Come celebrate the 5th of July with us. See you in a few!

-- Jim Abath