Summer fun can lead to injuries at home

The key to a good first aid kit is knowing what to include.
The key to a good first aid kit is knowing what to include.

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The sounds of summer have the Gooch boys in high gear; running, riding scooters and bouncing on pogo sticks. They are typical rough and tumble kids enjoying their summer, but their mom, Summor Gooch, said sometimes accidents happen.

"We'll we have bumps and bruises so we have ice packs. You know moms are real good at making traditional little ice packs out of zip lock bags."

Mrs. Gooch is also the emergency services director of Decatur/Morgan Hospital's Parkway Campus and has seen all sorts of summer injuries. "You get broken bones. Kids are playing outside. They're on trampolines, small dirt bikes, things like that."

As an RN, she said there are some basic rules for those injuries treated at home. "A simple scratch or cut... if you don't clean it well, and get it covered, it can get infected. But there are some simple things you can do to really prevent that at home."

And one is to have a well stocked first aid kit. "The most important thing, first off is something to clean it with. Peroxide is typically good and doesn't burn or hurt an open wound. And then depending on the scenario, you need a variety of bandages," added Gooch.

Not everyone is going to have a huge cabinet full of medical supplies. Sometimes it just take a simple little first aid kit. The important thing is knowing what to put in it.

Gooch said don't forget the tools. "Scissors, tape, tweezers, for splinters. A&D ointment is really good for a small burn, where the skin is not open."

She keeps Cala Gel for poison ivy. "Simple things for mild aches and pains. I do children's Tylenol and Advil."

And "itch injuries" are very prevalent during the summer.

"I like to keep Benedryl around for the occasional allergies for adults and children. And there's several Cortisone type topicals that you can use for insect bites," said Gooch.

As a mom and Nurse, Gooch said prevention is also key. "Bug spray's important. Not necessarily part of the first aid kit but it's a preventive measure."

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