Here Comes The Rain

You can tell we're getting close to the 4th of July holiday because here comes the rain. You may have already heard or seen some of it this morning. Meteorologist Jeff Castle is tracking that rain for you. Find out when it's headed your way in your Weather On The Tens. And remember, you can check out Storm Tracker Doppler at that link above 24 hours a day.

Are you ready for some fireworks? Most people are, but one fireworks shop is just trying to recover what someone stole -- a lot of their best merchandise. The owners even stayed at their O Boy Fireworks late last night, hoping to prevent a repeat. WAFF 48's Christine Pae joins us live on the scene this morning to show us what the owners and police are trying to find out who did it.

No one really expected a big change in the health are overhaul and, yet, there's now a big change. Http:// The Obama Administration's delaying the requirement for medium and large companies to provide insurance for employees. What does that mean for you? That's what Lauren Morrison's looking into this morning. Look for her next live report at 6:05.

And another morning, another strange turn in NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's case. Http:// There were rumors he was aboard the Bolivian president's plane, which led several European countries to deny flying over their airspace. It's a story that keeps developing while I'm writing this. Tune in to find out what's happening right now.

We're on the air, so join us. Oh, and remember to take your umbrella!

-- Jim Abath