Kitchen Cops: 4 low performers

Our list of offenders this week.
Our list of offenders this week.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - First stop for the Kitchen Cops, the Shoney's in Florence. A Lauderdale County health inspector reports two critical violations, one for food temperature problems, as they scored an 84.

The inspector reports cooked food held below 135 degrees. That means there was potential for bacterial growth. The inspector also says some of the staff need to pass the health department's food safety course and earn their certification.

This week, we go back to the McDonald's in Hazel Green. This Mickey-D's has made big improvements after making the low performers list several times last year, but they slipped a little during their last inspection, scoring an 83. The health inspector was bugged by all the flies they say were buzzing around inside. And they report the inside of the ice machine needed a good scrub down.

81 for the Little Mountain Deli & Bakery in Langston. A Marshall County health inspector reports ground beef and chicken held well above the maximum temperature required for cold-holding foods. Little mountain also lost points for using food from an unapproved source, and because an employee was drinking in the kitchen.

Just up the road, Country Café in Langston scored an 82. A worker's drink stored next to food in the fridge and a dirty ice maker were two of the critical violations reported there.

In Decatur, the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is off of the low performers list, scoring 14 points higher than last time with a 92 during their reinspection.

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