Historic home damaged in tornado outbreak; homeowner facing citations from the city

An elderly Huntsville homeowner is caught between a rock and a hard place. His historic home was damaged in the April 2011 tornado outbreak. Now he says he doesn't have the $200,000 to make the repairs. He has received citations from the city, but the historic preservation commission said he can't  tear it down. Shumuriel Ratliff talks to both sides in the unusual dilemma.

More food choices will soon be available in downtown Huntsville. The City Council approved an ordinance that will allow food trucks during designated times and areas to sell food. Tonight at 10, we'll tell you when you will start to see the trucks downtown.

WAFF 48 News Investigates: Why are your tax dollars being used to pay for BP's mess? And why aren't lawmakers doing anything about it? We take those questions straight to lawmakers and what they had to say is the focus of tonight's special report at 10.

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