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Homeowner cleared in shooting death of suspected burglar

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

A man who fought back against crime won't face any charges for shooting an intruder.

On Wednesday, a Marshall County grand jury decided against an indictment in a case involving a man protecting his rental property. He shot a man breaking into the home.

The intruder, 41-year-old Jamison Lynn Lacey, died while trying to get into a home on Abbott Road last March.

Police did not charge the homeowner who killed Lacey because officers wanted to present the case to a Marshall County grand jury first.

The unidentified homeowner told WAFF 48 News "that it is unfortunate that people take drugs, then do what they do, and put other people's lives in danger." He declined further comment.

Police said the owner was inside his vacant rental home because he had been having problems with break-ins.

"In this case, although it was a rental property and was otherwise abandoned, the law gave that individual the right to defend his property with deadly force and he did so. The grand jury accepted those facts under the law of self defense of this state. He was not charged," said Marshal County District Attorney, Steve Marshall.

Changes are coming to Alabama's laws on self defense. Starting August 1st, Marshall said the laws will broaden to include private businesses.

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