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See, Click, Fix: Cochise Circle

Neighbors said vines and weeds have taken over a yard on Cochise Circle. Neighbors said vines and weeds have taken over a yard on Cochise Circle.

The grass is high at 2901 Cochise Circle, but it's hard to see some of the grass because plants, weeds and vines have taken over. Neighbors said no one's lived in the house for a while.

"I don't understand how it's allowed to go like that," said Alicia Metzger, who lives to the back and side of the house. She watches four of her grandchildren in her backyard. She didn't know where all of the bugs were coming from until she talked to a woman who lives next door.

"She told me it was coming from this house," said Metzger. "And I didn't even know that was a house. I thought it was woods."

Neighbors said it was like this last summer. Huntsville city workers came out and mowed the front yard. It's overgrown again, the back's worse and so are the unwanted guests. 

"She said she's gotten snakes in her yard," said Metzger. "And then the woman left of me here said that their children are coming in with a lot of ticks."

WAFF 48 News contacted the city's community development. They said they've been in touch with the owner and given him until Wednesday to cut the grass. If not, they'll issue a citation, send a crew out to cut it and place a lien on the property. They also said the owner has started repairs and has been given until August 7th to finish those.

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