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East side break-ins leave neighborhood on edge

An east side neighborhood is on edge. Police say thieves are breaking into homes over and over again.

"They ramshacked everything. Took my clothing and my surround sound system," sad Candace Edwards.

Candace Edwards says she and her daughter are living in fear. Their east side Cleveland home was broken into not once, not twice, but four times just in the past year.

"I feel helpless. I feel like I don't have any help, and I'm scared for my daughter's safety," said Candace.

Edwards says in this latest break in the thieves took her front door right off the hinges.

"My TV was located over there. You can still see the remote control. They flipped all of my pillows over looking for stuff. Broke my mirrors taking my 50 inch television out," added Candace.

Edwards apparently isn't alone.

"I've talked to neighbors in this neighborhood. Almost every house on the street has been broken into once or twice and nothing is being done about it," said Candace.

Security systems haven't kept the thieves out, and the criminals are so brazen that they strike day or night. What's worse is Edward's dad says his pleas for help with city leaders have gotten him no where.

Edwards and her father say police seem overwhelmed.

"For anything to happen to my kid, and I'm holding you responsible, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Councilman and Mr. Commander. You are going to be held responsible for the well being of my family over here so get off your butts and get something done," said John Edwards.

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