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Huntsville mom adopts three siblings

Tammy Green goes Above and Beyond, definitely qualifying for mother of the year. Tammy Green goes Above and Beyond, definitely qualifying for mother of the year.

Tammy Green definitely qualifies for mother of the year. She managed to raise for boys, work herself out of the projects, and buy a home.

"It wasn't easy, I just had to do what I had to do as a single parent," she said.

Always working hard towards big goals, Green was an example to her sons.

"I have Tory and Cory, the twins. One is a police officer for Huntsville, the city of Huntsville. Cory, who is a fire fighter for the city of Huntsville and he also works part time for HEMSI. My oldest son Anthony Green is in the Air Force Reserves and Bobby, who has a scholarship, a basketball scholarship to Wyatt State," said Green.

She has four hard working, successful men, so you'd think her job as mother would be done, but she says, "I did really well with my boys, I think I did really well, so why not try to help somebody else?"

When a lot of people would exhale and enjoy the easy life, Green became a foster parent. A total of 26 kids have passed through her home in the past few years. The last two were brothers 10-year-old Chevy and 13-year-old Justin. It didn't take long for the boys to learn they needed a mom.

"Have the home environment, have a mother to tell you to get up or get dressed, it's time to eat, I love you or have a good day school so things are important to them," said Green.

She decided to adopt the brothers, but knew they'd been separated from their 15-year-old sister Brittany who was with another foster family, so she decided to adopt all three kids.

"I never had a daughter and Brittany is, she's really special. There's a lot of kids out there, you would be surprised, that just want a home, just want to be loved."

The adoption will become official when the new family goes before a judge June 24th.

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