Breaking News: Smash And Grab Robbery At Sabghi's Jewelry Store

We're running around this morning. We just got word about a jewelry store robbery overnight - at Sabghi's, the same store that was robbed last week. That picture above is from the last robbery. Right now, Huntsville Police are at on Memorial Parkway. Lauren Morrison is on scene. She just told us officers are calling it a "smash and grab". She's working with them to get the latest information on the search for robbers and to find out what the robbers took. Look for her live reports all morning on WAFF 48 News Today.

Last week, it was Decatur's turn. Today, it's Huntsville's turn to open up two entertainment districts. That'll mean you can carry the beer or wine you buy at several bars or restaurants downtown outside. But Christine Pae's finding out it means more than that. See what else she's uncovered when she joins us live. And make sure you're watching at 6:00. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle will join us live in studio to answer your questions. Just to go to our WAFF 48 Facebook page and post your question!

The big shocker from the entertainment world's still James Gandolfini passing away. I couldn't believe it! I was stunned when I found out last night. We have plenty of tributes this morning. You'll hear how Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo from The Sopranos) is remembering him at 5:42. We'll also show you some tweets from some of his other friends and fellow actors.

And it's a little muggy this morning. With all this heat, you probably figure we're going to get some rain, right? Jeff's tracking the possibility. So, check in for Weather On The Tens. And any time, look for your forecast right here

Your morning show's on right now. Come join us for WAFF 48 News Today, and we'll help you get caught up and out the door!

--- Jim Abath