Impact of AL failing schools list; Police look for suspect after body found on Decatur highway

The Alabama Accountability Act allows students to transfer from a failing school to a non-failing school. But what happens when parents can't afford to pay for the move? Coming up tonight at 10, we'll hear from some Valley parents who say that is the case for them.

Some parents who want their child to transfer out of a failing school may also not automatically be able to do so, and it's all because of their race. Reporter Nick Lough will explain how the desegregation order that remains in effect factors into the equation.

Police in Morgan County are looking for the killer of a man whose body was found on the side of Highway 31 early this morning. Police say someone shot James Travers to death. His girlfriend says two masked people broke into their house and chased Travers from the home. Tonight, what few clues police have to go on.

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