Huntsville pet store providing natural and Organic products

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The health food and lifestyle market is a billion dollar business for humans, but it's still not a priority for mans most loyal companions.

"Just like people are starting to get so many issues, it kind of trickles down to the animals, they're suffering from obesity and diabetes and allergies and all these different things," says Rebeca Santos.

Santos opened Pets, Love and Happiness in Huntsville with the goal of filling a void in North Alabama, Natural, organic, and holistic products for cats and dogs.

"Real meats, real proteins, and real fruits and vegetables versus some of the things that are made with corn and wheat," she says.

Santos says we eat healthy to live longer, so it only makes sense to do the same for pets.

The products you find at Pets, Love and Happiness, may not be familiar, but There's a big difference between the big name companies and Santos's items.

"They still make it in small batches, and they've never been involved in a recall," she says.

Santos also knows exactly where her products are coming from, and in some cases can get the companies owners on the phone.

"With the Evangers Family they actually go in their own trucks and pick up the local produce and meats from the local farms and they're from Illinois.

It's not a lucrative business, but one Santos does out of passion, love, and desire to see our furry companions live long healthy lives. For more information visit the Pets, Love and Happiness Facebook page

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