Tips to protect you in extreme temperatures; entertainment district opens in Decatur

Today was the hottest day of the year so far and summer hasn't even begun. It's not hard to get dehydrated as a result of the extreme temperatures and high humidity. Coming up tonight at 10, we check in with Valley residents who have to work outside in this heat and take a look at what they do to stay hydrated.

Decatur's new arts and entertainment district will open tomorrow ahead of schedule. Relaxed, open container rules are just some of the changes residents can expect to see. But what about Huntsville's entertainment district? When is the Rocket City's district set to open and will it draw more people to downtown Huntsville? We'll take a look at that tonight at 10.

mother and her six puppies escaped a raging house fire and were reunited because of concerned residents. Tonight, we have more good news to report about the canine family.

I hope you will join us tonight for WAFF 48 News at 10. We'll see you then!

Kim Essex

WAFF 48 News