New Hope family looses second home to fire

Good Morning!

Firefighters throughout the Valley were busy overnight. First, the Huntsville Fire Department received a call from a home on Princess Street. They arrived to find the home on fire and two people injured.

Another fire in New Hope gutted a home on Washington Avenue. No one was living in the home because it was under renovation by a family that had just lost another home to a fire.

WAFF's Lauren Morrison will have their story and details of the fire investigation beginning at 5AM.

Also this morning, we want to alert you to two scams that target Medicare patients, and one involving income taxes. The Medicare scam has been going on for some time, in fact, the Better Business Bureau says they sometimes get up to 20 calls a day about this issue. Christine Pae will show you what to look out for when it comes to both scams. She'll be live at 5, 5:30, 6, and 6:30AM.

If you spent anytime outside yesterday, you know that those mild Spring temperatures of May have moved aside for Summer. Meteorologist Jeff Castle will keep you updated all morning long on the heat covering the Valley.

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Tiani Jones