See, Click, Fix: More Bob Wade Lane Resurfacing

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Six weeks ago, we checked out Bob Wade Lane between Mount Lebanon Rod and Memorial Parkway. Drivers reported brutal dips and washed out spots. Huntsville Public Works crews did more than just fill the spots. They resurfaced the road.

"They completely milled it down and then started over," said Alan Hall, Public Works Superintendent. "Laying it back up, about a two or three day job when you get your crews out there."

"I had a pretty good idea that that's the way they were going to do it." said driver Michael Johnson. "But, like I said, since it's been resurfaced, it's just so much better."

But some drivers clicked on See, Click, Fix, saying some of the spots west of that resurfacing were even worse. They even posted these pictures of cracks in several spots near the s-curve as you head west to where Bob Wade turns into four lanes.

Public Works got the word, and they finished resurfacing the area. We checked it out yesterday. The s-curve and about a half-mile stretch in both directions are now much smoother.

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