UNA tuition to increase this Fall

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The Huntsville International Airport Authority will discuss ways to lower ticket prices, in a board meeting at 8:30 this morning. The board says they recognize that they're losing business to other airports who have better prices. Huntsville has been named the most expensive airport in the Country twice this year.

WAFF's Christine Pae will break down what's expected to come out of this meeting and will be live beginning at 5 A.M..

UNA Parents and Students will want to watch this morning. We'll have important information about tuition at 4:32, 5:35, and 6:32 A.M.. http://bit.ly/13yzKhH

It will cost students more to go to class this fall. The board of trustees say they had to hike tuition rates, due to a lack of State funding.

And finally, Summer weather is definitely here. Meteorologist Jeff Castle will show you just how hot it will get this week.

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