Man who poisoned Toomer's Trees out of jail Today

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There are several developing stories we're working on in our newsroom...

First, we have new details on a train and truck accident in Lawrence County.  It happened at County Road 434, just south of Highway 20.

One of the passengers in the truck, 22 year old Kathy Haggamaker, told WAFF that the brakes in the truck went out. However, State Troopers say it looks like the truck was trying to beat the train.

Our Lauren Morrison is looking into this story and will have a live update beginning at 5:00 A.M.

Happening this morning, the man who poisoned Toomer's oak trees will be a free man. Harvey Updyke will be released from the Lee County Jail today. He served six months behind bars. While he only just pled guilty to poisoning the trees three months ago, he was given credit for the time he spent in jail before he was sentenced.

And as you head out the door, some of you will have to deal with wet roads. Meteorologist Jeff Castle is back in our Weather Center tracking your work week forecast.

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