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Huntsville City Schools change discipline policy

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Huntsville City Schools are trying to go from "zero tolerance" to something more thoughtful for dealing with fights in school.

Thursday night the school board approved a policy to let school administrators consider who was actually at fault in a fight and discipline students accordingly.

In the past the rule has been that any student involved in fights would be suspended, even those who might  have been defending themselves.

But school leaders said they trust their administrators to make that call.

Vice President of the Huntsville City School Board, David Blair, said the change wasn't triggered by any particular incident. 

"There was a push a long time ago to have zero tolerance, so you'd have blanket punishment across the board and take the discretion out of the principal's hands so that you make sure that it's applied equally. Our leadership team is really good we have a lot of trust in them," said Blair.

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