Kitchen Cops: 2 low performers

Two low performers in Kitchen Cops Report.
Two low performers in Kitchen Cops Report.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Taqueria Los Tres Riales mobile food stand in Huntsville scored a 78. The health inspector reports raw beef held eleven degrees above the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding foods.

The inspector said no workers manning the food truck had passed the food safety course.

An 84 for Off the Eaten Path, which does business at the Voodoo Lounge in Huntsville. The inspector reports discovering sewage dumped in the trash dumpster, their only critical violation. They'll need to score at least an 85 next time to get off the Kitchen Cops low performers list.

An 85 is exactly the score for Restaurante El Azteca in Huntsville, rising five points during their reinspection.

The Shinsegae Oriental Restaurant in Huntsville gets off of the low performers list too, rising ten points during their reinspection, scoring a 90.

And redemption upon reinspection for the India Palace Restaurant in Huntsville, eight points better this time around with a 90.

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