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Thieves target cattle in Lauderdale Co.


An alert for cattle owners in the Shoals: The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department and state authorities are investigating reports of cattle rustling.

Investigators say more than 50 heads of cattle have been stolen since May.

Investigators said they are happening in the western part of the county out near Central and Waterloo, but they warn they could happen anywhere.

Investigators believe the thieves are targeting the farms after dark.

In most of the cases, farmers say the locks off their gates were broken or cut off.

Investigators say about 61 cattle have been stolen. That number includes cows, calves, and some bulls.  They fear there could be more.

Randy Hill has a herd out on County Road 100.

You can still see the marks in the ditch from where the crooks drove their trailer through his pasture.

If you have any information on who's responsible or if you see anything suspicious in your area, call police immediately.

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