Redstone Report: Welcome center makes arsenal life easier

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Pershing Community Welcome Center on Redstone Arsenal opens on June 13th. Before the doors opens up though, WAFF 48 News got a sneak peek in for our Redstone Report series.

The building was once used as the dining facility for soldiers stationed OMEMS, but when they were relocated in 2011, the building sat vacant.

Now, two years later, the building has been transformed into the new welcome center. Scott Chapman is the master planning branch chief for the project. He describes the refurbishing project, "The inside of the whole building was demolished, so when we got done with the demolition, there were only the 4 outside walls."

The concept for the welcome center was brought up on January 2012 and construction has only taken 9 months.The roughly 12,000 square foot building has been divided into 3 sections and will house the arsenal's new "Java Cafe," ACS, and MWR.

When new employees come onto the arsenal, they have to go through security, get ID badges, CAC cards, and in some cases have to be assigned to housing units. The new center's proximity to the "One Stop," where all this is done, has the building well on its way to becoming the hub of the arsenal.

Chapman says the former process was tedious, " It would take a person a full work day to process in or process out. Now that all happens within walking distance of this building."

More plans are in the works to solidify the welcome center's title as the city center of Redstone Arsenal.

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