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'Cyber Security Summit' offers insight into industry

Cyber Security Summit in Huntsville. Cyber Security Summit in Huntsville.

Your personal information has never been more at risk as the number of hackers grow and technology evolves. Last year there was a 600% increase in the number of attacks on mobile devices.

Thursday, industry leaders will be in Huntsville for this year's "Cyber Security Summit." Over 550 people are expected to attend. Topics for discussion include responding to advance persistent threats, the impact of cyber attacks on the industry, and the White House's executive order for cyber security.

The summit has grown since it was started five years ago, and that increase is on track with industry growth as well. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates 65,000 jobs will be created in the cyber security industry by 2020. Huntsville is well aware of this increase and is already trying to lure some of those jobs to the Tennessee Valley.

Recently, Mayor Tommy Battle announced the creation of the "Cyber Huntsville Initiative." It was created as a way to build Huntsville up as a cyber center and bring jobs in. With the types of businesses already operating in the city and the technologically savvy reputation that Huntsville already has, it's a task that shouldn't be too difficult.

Jay Kurowsky is on the board for "Cyber Huntsville." He believes the fact that Huntsville is already well versed in dealing with government business will pay off, "Hopefully the Pentagon would recognize that an investment in Huntsville in cyber is much more likely to pay dividends then compared to an investment in places where we don't have that natural culture of synergy and collaboration that exists here in the Huntsville area."

You can find more information on the "Cyber Huntsville Initiative" by clicking here.

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