See, Click, Fix: Resurfacing Priority

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - You've probably seen lots of roads in bad shape. They could use lots of patches for potholes and cracks, but what they really need is repaving. The problem is there are a lot of roads that are old and, then, there's the money it costs.

"The city is responsible for 38,000 lane miles," said Huntsville Public Works Director Terry Hatfield. "And to repave one lane mile is $60,000. And that doesn't include any concrete work, base failures that they may have to do."

What public works does is compile a list of streets for repaving. They look at it every two years, ranking the streets on ten factors.

"Some are vertical, horizontal cracks, utility cuts, potholes and traffic flow," said Hatfield. Then, the ones that grade the highest move to the top of the list.

Hatfield says if they were to repave all of the streets that are highest in need right now, it would cost $15-16 million dollars. That's three times what public works gets in its annual budget. And even when they get the go ahead, it can take time to check utility and sewer lines.

"We don't want to go out and pave a street and that big machine that compresses the asphalt down," said Hatfield. "A lot of times, if there's a crack in the sewer line, it's going to completely bust it, so I try not to go and bust a new street up. Sometimes, it happens."

Right now, though, they're planning to move forward and resurface 50 streets in Huntsville. And when they do, we'll check them out for you.

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