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Summer Colds: Are They Worse Than Winter Colds?

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Coughing, sneezing, fever and more...all are symptoms of the common cold. But it's summer. Shouldn't cold season be in the winter?

Why does it seem like summer colds are worse? We asked a couple of people running errands in Decatur. Lindy Smith said, "...the time of the year. Because you're just wanting to be out going and doing and taking part in stuff and when you have to be in and have the sniffles that's not fun."

John D. Sherrill said it's the way it hits you, "Sinus...sinus? Yeah, I think that would be one explanation."

But doctors said the seasons don't matter. Dr. Akram Haggag is an internal medicine specialist.  "No. In fact that's the dangerous thing about it, people think that in the summer they don't get a cold...because they think it's due to rain or Winter," said Dr. Haggag.

He said the virus enters through the nose and can last a while. "It lasts sometimes really at least a week. But usually 2 weeks and up to 3 weeks."

So how do you tell the difference between an allergy and a cold?  "There is a predisposing've worked in the yard. You've been exposed to animals...cats, dogs. You're allergic to something then you start to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. Then watery eyes and dry cough," said Haggag.

He said some symptoms are only present with a cold. "Kids usually will have fever with that. Adults...they usually have low grade fever."

He went on to say the most important thing is prevention. "The studies really prove two main things. Number one is hand hygiene, hand washing...watching a game or going to a movie theatre you might need a mask."

Doctors said the last thing you need to do is to walk in asking for an antibiotic. They said a cold is a virus and it simply has to run it's course.

Haggag said there are two things that make the body more susceptible to colds. "Number one is lack of sleep and number two is poor nutrition."

So by eating right, getting enough sleep and avoiding people with a cold, you may be able to have a sweet summer free of colds.

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