Internet post about soldier meals overseas exaggerated

(WAFF) - The latest internet post making the rounds and getting people riled up is not entirely true. The post states soldiers are not getting enough to eat in Afghanistan.

The post, which is usually a screen shot of a Facebook post reads:

My little brother is in Afghanistan. He Skyped us yesterday and said the Army is cutting back to two meals a day due to budget cuts! Criminals get three hots and a cot, and no questions asked! You need to share this for my bro, and all the troops!

As is so often the case, this one is partially true, but greatly exaggerated.

According to the military publication, "Stars and Stripes," there have been some changes to some meal services in Afghanistan.

The big change is not all military members are getting a hot breakfast. Instead, they are getting a cold meal of cereal, fruit, or MREs. In addition, the Army has been taking Taco Bell's slogan for years, and offering a "fourth meal" option at midnight.

Also, the reasoning suggested by the internet post is wrong. The post claims that budget cuts are to blame. According to the "Stars and Stripes," the change is for logistical purposes at bases where American soldiers are turning over things to their Afghan counterparts.

The first post of this kind appears to have happened back in January, when the sequestration talk was heating up.

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