The comic store is more for collectors than children

Bobby's Bama takes you to "The Comic Shop" located in Decatur.
Bobby's Bama takes you to "The Comic Shop" located in Decatur.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The Comic Shop in Decatur has a vast array of trendy items. Expensive statues, t-shirts and cards for those who get into the games. But the biggest selling items are the comic books according to store owner and collector, Aaron Muncy.

"Mostly Batman. Avengers sells well cause of the movies. You know Superman is starting to pick back up. They got a new Superman book coming out called 'Unchained.' Most of the movie stuff is pushing well. Spiderman is doing well," said Muncy.

And if you think most of the customers here are little kids, Muncy says think again. "The little kid market isn't there, really. I have very few young kids. I have mostly people my age or older."

So as an owner and a collector himself, does he get into the older more expensive comics?

"No. Since it's worth so much money - it's just straight to ebay and get rid of it. I'll leave it in the store for a week or two if I pick it up, just to give my customers a chance but it's worth too much money to have sitting around," said Muncy.

The Hulk is probably something you're familiar with since he's part of the Avengers. There was even a TV show back in the 70s and 80s. But did you know there is also a "She Hulk"? And if you're not familiar with that all you have to do is come to the card catalogue, everything is in alphabetical order, and simply pull it up."

With a mostly adult clientele, Muncy said many of his customers have to make a road trip. "I have a lot of Florence, Athens, Cullman... sometimes I get as far as Birmingham. Past Huntsville. So yeah, there's quite a bit of people who travel a distance."

Many of those true collectors rent a box so they won't miss anything.

"If you don't want to miss Spiderman every month, you can sign up for it and it will be in your box, or if you want to buy batman every month. You get a discount on everything in the store," added Muncy.

In the mid 1960's comic books were 12 to 15 cents. Now they've gone up a little. "Usually about 4 dollars, $3.99. Some are $2.99," according to Muncy.

It's a type of collecting that can be lucrative, but always fun in Bobby's Bama.

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