Cheese maker taking goat's milk to a new level

Everything at the Humble Heart Farms is all natural.
Everything at the Humble Heart Farms is all natural.

ELKMONT, AL (WAFF) - Mention "goat cheese" and everybody comes a runnin'.  That's because it's smooth and rich.  And everything at the Humble Heart Farms is all natural.

"This year we are milking 40 and then we've retained all of the females that were born this year. So we probably have a total of close to 60 head right now," said goat farm and diary co-owner, Leslie Spell.

The family moved to Elkmont in 2004 and bought 20 acres of land. They did some research and decided goat cheese would be their new business venture. These animals get their nutrition from special grains and hay, giving the cheese a unique flavor.

"Our main product is our cheese. And we make a soft, very mild flavored goat cheese that is spreadable", adds Leslie.

Another product getting rave reviews is an ice cream like product called "udder escape." Leslie is quick to explain, "because our recipe is a little unique we can not call it ice cream, because that is a federally regulated term."

She said this is a licensed dairy. "We actually have a mechanical milking system like you would have in a cow dairy. So the girls are milked twice a day. The milk then goes into a milk tank, a bulk tank where it's kept for a day or two."

She said once enough is collected, it's pasteurized. "Then you cool the milk. Then you add your culture and your rennet. And by the next morning it's cheese."

When the curds and whey are separated the curds are put into a sack where the whey continues to drip out of the sack. Once that's done, Leslie is on to the next step. She starts seasoning some of the product. The seasoning determines a savory or sweet product.

So where can you purchase these products? "Farmers markets allow us the ability to have people taste it...and we probably get more than 85 percent of the people who taste the cheese take some home with them."

A new taste, smooth and simple, in Bobby's Bama.

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