Redstone Report: Community support offered through Arsenal program

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Army Community Service program started out as a lending closet in 1965. Initially, soldiers and their families could come to the closet and pick out household items that they needed while in transition and moving to Redstone Arsenal or the Huntsville area. The closet is still there, but ACS has now grown into so much more.

Susan Paddock, ACS Division Chief, says they've managed to hold onto their beginnings as a lending closet, but also expanded. They now focus mainly on advocacy programs. Some of those programs include financial readiness, domestic violence victim support, and elder care. 

ACS has been adding new programs for years, and they now hope that a move to a new building will help them get the word out. Starting in early June, ACS will move from its current location in building 3338, to the newly renovated welcome center.

For a complete list of services offered at ACS, click here.

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