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United Way urges people to wait to volunteer in OK


When you see pictures of the devastation in Oklahoma, you might get the urge to drop everything, drive west, and offer your help.

The United Way said that might actually cause more problems.

United Way officials said they've received word from Oklahoma officials that first responders need time to do their job before volunteers arrive.

Local officials say the best way people can help now is to donate money.

They say unorganized volunteers showing up can cause confusion and waste time and resources.

"They may hinder some of the efforts that are going on that are the most critical right now.  So I would say that's probably the best reason.  People can just stay put and do what is needed most now, which is the financial donations," said Carrie Thomas with Marshall County United Way.

All calls with inquiries about the Oklahoma tornadoes should contact Heartline 211 in Oklahoma for the latest information at (877) 362-1606 or (405) 840-9396.

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