Daikin Festival - Bigger and Better Than Ever

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - This area will look very different once the festival gets started. Every year the event seems to grow.  Forrest Keith is the community relations director at Daikin.  He expects a lot of people.  "And we hope to have about 20-thousand guests out here."

He says there will be tents with plenty of food, water and soft drinks.

Blue steel laying on the ground is now an entrance way leading into the festival and into the fairgrounds. A road which runs along side the fairground property separates another area where you will find hot air balloons and inflatables for the kids, according to Keith.  "There will be games of all descriptions for the kids to play."

And cultural activities for every age. But one of the biggest draws is always the food.

"We'll have jambalaya. We make it right here on site in our own, big cauldrons...and we will have hot dogs and hamburgers. We will have yakeesobah. Yakeesobah is a traditional Japanese dish", says Keith.

While the festival is an opportunity to share Japanese customs and culture with neighbors, it opens the door to other cultures as well through food and music.   He says there is a lot of entertainment - including music.  "Zydeco and Cajun Music. And for those with more refined taste, they will have Ed Jones and his orchestra from the Muscle Shoals area", adds Keith.

This event is huge and it is a major undertaking for the company, but Keith says it's important.  "It's an opportunity for us at Daikin to give back to the community, by throwing a big, free party for the whole world.

Something to celebrate in Bobby's Bama.