See, Click, Fix: Versailles Street

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If you drive down Versailles Street in South Huntsville, you're going to find some rocky spots here and there, but it's when you drive down the hill toward Mountain Gap road that you'll find the worst of them.

"We usually drive on the wrong side of the street," said homeowner Lometa Spragg. "That side of the street is potholes all the time."

Spragg lives at the other end of Versailles. We found her walking in front of Mountain Gap Elementary where there are cracks near the edges. The biggest ones, however, were in the middle of the road.

"It's been bad for a long, long time," said Spragg. "They re-did Mountain Gap Road, and I was hoping maybe they would do a little switch up Versailles, but they didn't. They've been out. It looks like they've fixed about four spots on the street, but still the repairs they've done are already sinking in."

We reported the spots to Huntsville Public Works, and they've patched several spots.

Has some of the repaving helped a little bit?

"Oh, sure," said Spragg. "I drive on some of the repaving some, but you know I don't have to drive on the wrong side of the street anymore. It helps. I appreciate what the city does but, yeah, we'd like a new street.

We'll be checking back to see if and when Versailles pops up on the repaving priority list. A couple of patches now and, hopefully, we can get it repaved.

"Wonderful idea!" said Spragg. "We would appreciate the city and thank them tremendously if they would do that for us."

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