Armed teachers bill passes without Governor's signature

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - Alabama lawmakers stayed up late into the night to consider last-minute bills before the last day of the 2013 legislative session on Monday.

Both chambers in the state house voted to override Gov.. Robert Bentley's veto on a local bill that would allow armed teachers in Franklin County schools.

The bill will now become law without the governor's signature.

It will allow teachers and other school employees to carry a gun at school – so long as they are properly trained as police officers or sheriff's deputies.

Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow (D-Colbert, Franklin) has been a vocal advocate of the bill, saying schools in Franklin County cannot always afford to hire school resource officers.

He added that the schools – being in rural areas – need to have armed school employees on-hand right away if they need protection in an emergency situation.

Rep. Morrow told reporters he was glad both chambers, with it Republican supermajority, backed him up on the bill and added that partisan politics has no place in school safety.

"When [children] hear about Sandy Hook and Dale County, they visualize the same thing happening in Franklin County. This will put a degree of safety. This will give assurance in their minds that someone is protecting them," Rep. Morrow said.

Gov. Bentley vetoed two versions of the bill, saying he was not convinced there were enough training requirements in the legislation.

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