Switch House offers eclectic gifts

You'll find eclectic, recycled, vintage and more at the Switch House in Huntsville.
You'll find eclectic, recycled, vintage and more at the Switch House in Huntsville.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - You have to really look for the Switch House. It's nestled between downtown and Five Points, near the Furniture Factory. It's in an area gaining popularity at 120 A Cleveland Avenue Northwest.

One unique aspect here at the Switch House are items where you can re-fashion something old and make it into a new gift.

You'll find eclectic, recycled, vintage and more, according to owner Monique Given.

"They're made by a local artist named Sabrina Simon. This one's really fun. Whales this year are super popular. She's made these from recycled blue jeans," said Given.

She said there are even gifts for your four-legged companion.

"Some really nice, recycled and upcycled sweaters that have been turned into pet beds," she said.

And if you are tempted by pretty glass, check out for the necklaces.

"This is a local artist named Rita Burkholder. She's actually making these beads herself and they're gorgeous," Given said.

Ribbon necklaces are another popular item.

If your favorite local band isn't in your local music store, Given says to look here.

"You can come get your fix on the band you like to listen to. Some of these bands play next door to me here at the Lone Goose Saloon," she said.

The items are locally made by local artists and craftsmen, including some interesting coffee mugs.

"They're called Ug Chug Mugs. This is a husband and wife that live in Cullman, Alabama. And they're dishwasher and microwave safe," said Given.

Recycled materials make for star quality magnets for the fridge or work, and if you are into "going green," there are plenty of organic choices.

"I make all the candles in the store. I have 100 percent eco soy wax," said Given.

And if you bring the container back, you'll get it refilled at a lesser cost.

The building, itself, is where the switcher used to change the direction of the train tracks. It too is being re-purposed in Bobby's Bama.

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