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Students push for road changes after tragic wreck


In the wake of a tragic wreck that killed a Lawrence County teen and critically injured her younger sister, students at a north Alabama high school are banding together to make that road safer.

17-year-old Caitlyn Martin died April 30th in a car accident on Alabama 157, near the intersection of Alabama 101. Martin and her sister Alison were on their way to school, when they pulled out of a gas station and were struck by an 18-wheeler. Alison is still fighting for her life.

It is an intersection many Hatton High School students and Town Creek residents are forced to cross everyday.

Many Lawrence County residents say that intersection is just too dangerous and they want it to change.

"It could have happened to me or anyone in my class," said R.A. Hubbard High School freshman Dastine Mason.

Teachers and students are on the same page with this issue.

"One of my students said, and I agree with her, if it's unsafe for one person, it's unsafe for all of us," added another R.A. Hubbard High School teacher Karen Posey.

They want the traffic laws changed to make this road safer. They say lowering the speed limit would be a good start.

"We feel the speed limit should be lowered to at most 55, but we prefer 45 miles per hour," said Posey.

They also say the intersection's blinking light just doesn't cut it.

"I think it would be great if they put a traffic light just like R.A. Hubbard has on Highway 20," said Mason.

To make this all happen, they are lobbying state lawmakers to take action. The whole school is writing them letters. One student even started a petition.

They know changing a roadway is a long process, but if it can prevent another tragedy like this one from happening again, they say the wait will be well worth it.

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