Car seat safety parents' first concern while traveling

Car seat safety should be one of the first things parents get checked.
Car seat safety should be one of the first things parents get checked.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Now is the time many of us grab the kids and our stuff and travel.  Whether it's for a week or the day, car seat safety should be one of the first things parents get checked.

Little Kelsey is only 8 months old, but he is the center of his parent's world. His dad, Pranteek Patnaik, is in the medical field and knows how important safety is for traveling with children.

That's why he came to Huntsville Hospital to allow the pros to install Kelsey's car seat.

"I think, as a parent, safety, obviously, we always hear the term "precious cargo" and safety with that, and your little one brings it to a whole new level when you're a parent," said Patnaik.

The technician will go over some specific points with dad, give him a quick safety lesson, and make sure the seat is installed correctly.

"This was installed by myself and you know I trust the professionals more than myself," Patnaik said.

For some parents, the toughest move is the first one: to know which belt pack to put the car seat belt through.

Jessica Hall is a car seat installer/technician and said you have to be precise.

"…Is which hole is closest to the vehicle seat, and you want to run your belt through that, buckle it in. Apply pressure to the seat. Pull the slack out. Make sure that it's not moving more than an inch front to back or side to side," she said.

And what about that shoulder harness?

"You want to make sure that the seatbelt hits your child at the collar bone and hip bone. You don't want it around their neck. You don't want them to tuck it behind their back. And you don't want them to put it under their arm," Hall said.

As your child grows, they will also change car seats, but you don't go by age. The seat will depend on height and weight. Expect to change seats three times as the child grows.

The last move will be to a belt positioning booster seat.

"I want the safest product available based on my child's height and weight," added Patnaik.

So that little Kelsey can rest safely on life's journeys.

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