See, Click, Fix: Crestview Drive

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Crestview Drive is the rockiest road we've found yet. It's tucked in a neighborhood just south of University Drive.

"The potholes, the road's breaking up," said Michael Cagilus. "It's just bad."

Cagilus says it's been rocky like that all six years he's lived there.

"Bumpy, messed up my tires a couple of times," said Cagilus. "I have to change my tires frequently, and I don't know. We complained to them before, but nothing's been done. Absolutely nothing."

We decided to check it out for ourselves, and we found that as you drive down Crestview coming up on Julia Street, the top surface is coming off in the middle of the road.

I called Huntsville Public Works to make sure they knew about the problem. They sent a crew to check it out.

"But what about the complaints they got before that," asked Cagilus. "The most that I have seen them done. They've filled up the potholes, but the broken road, the whole trail of broken road. That's never been taken care of. The most they've done is fill the potholes with that black stuff."

A public works superintendent told me Crestview's on the list for a full makeover.

And if they did resurface the road?

"We would be happy residents," said Cagilus. "People living here, we would definitely be happy living here."

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