TN Valley leaders announce support for Common Core school program

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Common Core issue has been dividing lawmakers in Montgomery all year, and now, some prominent leaders in the Tennessee Valley have weighed in.

Common Core is a federal education program, designed to keep schools in all 50 states on the same page when it comes to certain subjects lesson plans, testing goals and standard consistency. Opponents say it gives Washington too much control in how individual states set their education agendas. The Common Core program has divided both parties in Montgomery since being approved several years ago, and it recently survived a repeal attempt. It's not been adopted in Tennessee, but is under discussion.

Late Tuesday night, Montgomery Democrat Joe Hubbard introduced House Joint Resolution HJR 377, designed to prohibit the Alabama Board of Education from accepting money to implement Common Core in Alabama. He asked the House to bypass the normal procedure of discussing the bill in committee and bring it up for a vote, an unusual, but not uncommon practice.

Madison County Republican Mac McCutcheon prevented the move, and the House overwhelmingly voted to shoot the proposal down.

After the incident, the Tennessee Valley BRAC Committee issued a press release praising McCutcheon, and throwing their support behind the Common Core standard. Their letter was signed by seven retired military generals, and mayors Tommy Battle of Huntsville and Troy Trulock of Madison. " If the repeal efforts are successful," it reads, "we believe that Alabama will not only lose ground toward its academic and workforce goals, but it will also suffer economically with regard to Department of Defense decisions and subsequent losses at Redstone Arsenal."