See, Click, Fix: Chippendale Drive

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's not one of the worst roads you'll see, but there's no denying Chippendale Drive could use a little TLC.

"Well, this road here is one of our older roads," said Alan Hall, a Huntsville Public Works superintendent. "You know, you see the brown mix, the river rock there. One of them's been down for quite a while."

That's why we're working with Huntsville Public Works to smooth out some of the rough spots, mostly on heading into one of the curves on Chippendale. "When it's like this and not re-surfacing, we just patch them until we get a grade high enough for the resurfacing," said Hall.

Alan Hall's crew fixed about 10 or 12 potholes or, to be more precise, skin patches. They're the dents in the road where the top layer of the pavement's cracked.

"It's good to see you all out here doing it," said Judy Maxwell, who's lived on Chippendale for about 45 years. "The city's come out. I don't know if it's gutter repair what, but it's good."

Could it be a bit smoother?

"I think so," said Maxwell. "In fact, we'd love a new pave job."

Some day, that may be the case, but Chippendale will have to wait its turn on the master list of Huntsville streets.

"They grade each street by how many cuts, how many cracks, utility cracks, base fares or whatever," said Hall. "They go off of a score, so probably getting close but not one that scored high enough yet."

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