New Madison Crestwood Sleep Center

Crestwood's Madison Sleep Center is now open.
Crestwood's Madison Sleep Center is now open.

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Beth Burrow is a former sleep study patient who knows value of an individual sleep study. Hers took place a few years ago.

"I noticed that I was getting really tired a lot, somewhat ill, just felt like I wasn't rested," she said.

She said the symptoms kept getting worse.

"My husband said I kept him up snoring, uh, lot of tossing and turning, and then I started having some health issues," said Burrow.

Those health issues included high blood pressure and even a small stroke.

The sleep study meant she was watched and studied during the night.

While that patient is in bed sleeping, in a control room on the other side of the building there is a tech who is carefully monitoring what is going on with that patient.

Careful medical records are made of things like how well the patient sleeps, how much oxygen a patient is getting while asleep, and even how well the patient's body responds to sleep problems.

They not only treat adults but also children.

Now there is something new in Madison for people who have similar problems. It's Crestwood's Madison Sleep Center. Karen Walls is the director.

"We are currently in the position of sleeping four nights a week," said Walls.

She said it is a six bed facility with six sleep physicians.

"The advantage would be they do not have to drive to the Huntsville locations," she said.

The facility is located at 20 Hughes Road, along with a couple of other facilities - also linked to Crestwood.

"We have an imaging and diagnostic center on the first floor," added Walls.

Walls hopes to have many success stories in the future. Patients like Burrow, who was placed on a CPAP as part of her treatment.

"And I feel so great after that. I was able to come off my blood pressure medicine. I had lost 40 pounds, feel more energetic and really feel rested," added Burrow.

And that's the goal for any facility like this one.

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