Dustin Curtis, Decatur painter known for artwork

"Animals are probably my favorite," Curtis said.
"Animals are probably my favorite," Curtis said.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Look at Dustin Curtis paintings and you will see a lot of emphasis placed upon light. No matter the subject, light becomes an inspiration.

He said he gets his inspiration from many places, but primarily from wildlife and Alabama football.

Like other artists, he said his vocation began as a youthful hobby.

"Even when I was young, I always drew animals, cars, that type of thing, but I always drew animals," he said.

So what enticed him away from drawing his art to painting it?

"I guess I just wanted more color because drawing with pencil is great and I still do a lot of that. I wanted color and I started experimenting. I started with acrylics, worked with that a little bit, and then I just moved right into oils. And that's all I use now is oils," said Curtis.

Like most creators, there are subjects he likes better than most.

"Animals are probably my favorite. I'm a wildlife painter, but I like doing the sports, the Alabama paintings too. I enjoy doing them. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it," said Curtis.

While most people interested in big game carry a gun, Curtis carries a camera. Some of his best works come from photographs he has taken.

"You know you can't make them sit still, so you have to work with photographs. I go to Alabama games actually and I love going out and taking pictures and sketching," he said.

It's a love finding him fame and fortune in Bobby's Bama.

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