Madison Photographer goes Above and Beyond with photos

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Amy McMullen and Charles Ballard are founders of Courageous Photography. Their nonprofit organization travels throughout Alabama and neighboring states taking pictures of people, mainly kids, dealing with life threatening illnesses.

The idea to take these pictures began with an acquaintance of McMullen's, who's husband was newly diagnosed with cancer.

"She called me, we talked for two hours and I offered a photo shoot," she says.

McMullen a professional photographer did the shoot for free. She says when she heard the woman's story it hit close to home.

"I actually lost my husband in 2004 and we share two children together and I know for myself I really wished we had something that showed our love for each other to pass down to my children," said McMullen.

McMullen and Ballard have had dozens of photo shoots since that first one.

Ballard said through the shoots, "We've been able to build this network of people to help council each other to help work with each other, to help explain what's going on."

He also says that although they rely on donations and sometime use their own money, it's worth it.

"I've learned more about life from these kids then I've learned from any adult." he said.

To learn more about Courageous Photography or to donate, visit their Facebook at

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