Kitchen Cops: three low performers

Inspectors gave Logan's in Decatur a 75.
Inspectors gave Logan's in Decatur a 75.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The Logan's Roadhouse on Beltline Road in Decatur scored a 75 with The Morgan County Health Department.

The inspector reported a gun holster that Logan's hangs in the bar as a decoration was dirty. The inspector took off points because the hose connection in the dishwashing machine did not have back flow prevention used to prevent the flow of contaminated water back into the water supply. And the inspector found an employee drink sitting in a food prep cooler.

The La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Decatur scored lower during their reinspection, dipping down from an 83 to a 78. The inspector reported that they needed to put a consumer advisory concerning raw or under cooked food on their menu. The inspector also docked La Hacienda points for cheese that was too warm to prevent bacterial growth, and for unlabeled spray bottles.

Las Trojas Cantina Mexican in Huntsville scored an 83. The inspector reported ground beef stored on top of an oven was more than twenty degrees below the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods. The beef was measured at 111-113F, and a minimum required temperature is 135F.

The inspector also reported that there was a chipped ice scoop, a damaged ice bucket and a damaged spatula, along with a strainer with a broken prong.

It takes an 85 to make it off of the health department's reinspection schedule, and that's exactly the score earned by workers at the Tin Top Diner in Albertville, making a four point improvement upon reinspection.

A big improvement at the Waffle House on Florence Boulevard in Florence, as they rose from a 74 to a 92 during their reinspection.

For all of the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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