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Plans could rezone Sixth Ave. in Decatur

Sixth Avenue Sixth Avenue

The Decatur City Council is reviewing plans that would re-zone one of the city's main arteries.

The proposal would limit what businesses could move in on the east side of Sixth Avenue, but one councilman believes it could also bring more opportunities.

This rezoning could change the way parts of Sixth Avenue look, but councilman Chuck Ard admitted these changes could take a long time to develop.

Ard said the council is looking at a proposal that would allow flexibility in the area. Ard admitted the rules would be tightened on who could move in but said that's not a negative.

He said if that area of Sixth Avenue is rezoned, it could help revitalize an area that hasn't seen major growth in a number of years. It's next to one of the historic districts in the River City.

Ard said one portion of the street is already rezoned and it's helped them bring certain businesses to the area.

"I think a very good example of that is the Walmart. If that side of Sixth Avenue had not been zoned 'R-D' we would not have been able to react at the speed that we initially did, and we would have probably lost that development," said Ard. 

In the last few weeks, the city council has invited business owners and families to voice concerns, comments, or questions about the proposal.

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