Redstone Report: Book outlines how to survive WOCS

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An operations specialist for Kratos Defense is using his years of military experience to guide other soldiers by writing a book. Jim Boroch went through Warrant Officer Candidate School about 20 years ago. He remembers it like it was yesterday.

"The Warrant Officer School is very physical. Anyone who goes there and thinks that they can pass the Army PT test and do O.K., well it's quite a bit more strenuous."

It wasn't Jim's experience that lead him to write the survival guide. It was his son.

"He had mentioned to me that he was interested in applying for warrant, so I kind of wrote it geared towards my son but it's geared to any young NCO in the Army or anybody that wants to become an Aviator Warrant."

Warrant Officer Candidate School is the next step for a soldier looking for more responsibility and this book gives an applicant the tips they need to get in.

"You do have to get the rank of an E5, you do have to go to war leaders course or WLC, and you do have to have the endorsement of your chain of command."

But getting into the school is only the first hurdle. Making it to graduation is a difficult task too.

"When I went, we had 65 people in our class and only 42 graduated."

Things have changed since Jim went through the school. "The things I thought they did, they've changed up now. There's a 1 week field training exercise inserted in that program that wasn't there."

But Jim is taking the change in stride and is grateful to have had the opportunity to write the book. He says it gave him a chance to look back and reminiscence on one of the greatest times of his life.

The book will soon be available online and in Exchanges around the world.

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