Senator Shelby's office receives suspicious letter

Senator Richard Shelby
Senator Richard Shelby

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby was sent a suspicious package Wednesday.

Senator Jeff Session's office confirms Shelby's office was evacuated because of the package. Senator Sessions office has not received anything unusual.

National media outlets are reporting the package was left outside Shelby's office.

This comes after a suspicious letter was sent to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker, and ricin was detected therein.

Ricin is a compound typically found in caster beans.

While Shelby went to the Senate floor, his office went into lockdown after a letter was handed to the receptionist that seemed suspicious.

It has not been confirmed that ricin was in the letter, but it is undergoing testing.

When it comes to ricin, it doesn't take much of it being inhaled or ingested to shut down your organs.

An expert said it does take time and knowledge to extract it.

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