Redstone Report: Army comic created on Arsenal

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The official comic of the US Army is put together on Redstone Arsenal. It's called America's Army. It started out as a pilot project in 2009, but it has turned into a full blown comic book series.

Michael Barnett is the Executive Producer of the comic.

"We started out with an individual copy just to see if there was going to be an interest. We had such a wealth of interest in it that we started producing comics from there," he said.

America's Army was originally just a game that could be played on your computer, but when people began asking questions about characters and their storylines, the comic was created. It follows a group of fictional soldiers deployed to a war torn region called Czervenia.

"The lives of soldiers, their friends, their families, also the value systems that they adhere to, their military occupational specialties, the jobs and skills sets that they practice - all of these were just things we couldn't do within the game," Barnett explained.

There are currently four issues of the America's Army comic series. What is really cool about it is the amount of time and effort that goes into making sure that everything on the pages is accurate. Subject matter experts, including active duty military men and women, go through and make sure everything is correct. They check to make sure the uniforms and weapons the soldiers use on the pages are what are used in real life.

Several people from all over the country help to create the comics.

"Our writer is down in Florida, we've got an artist in Atlanta, we've got a colorist who lives up north in Boston," Barnett said.

All of those elements are then put together in the Army Games Studio on Redstone Arsenal.

You can download the America's Army comic from the app store for free.

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