Kitchen Cops: Back-to-back low performer

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Marshall County Health Department handed Country Farms in Grant a 72. The inspectorreported workers were using the same towel to dry their hands. Chicken wings held below the required hot-holding temperature, an ice bagfiller in disrepair, and unlabeled cleaner bottles were also reported.

Also in Grant, Main Street Pizza scored an 84. The big violation there was chicken held sixteen degreesabove the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holdingfoods.

Martin's Market in Arabscored an 80. The inspector reported foods held below the required hot-holdingtemperature, and a hose outside the building without a back flow preventiondevice.

The Jet Pep Fast Food Marton Highway 20 in Decatur scored a 73 last time, an 82 this time, making them aback-to-back Kitchen Cops low performer.

The health inspectordiscovered mouse droppings in the building, and said there were unlabeled spraybottles.

An unlabeled spray bottle was also reportedat Curry's on Johsnton Street in Decatur, their only critical violation as theyscored an 83.

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