Kitchen Cops: 5 low performers

The Marshall Co. Health Dept. handed the Daylight Donuts on Gunter Avenue a 66.
The Marshall Co. Health Dept. handed the Daylight Donuts on Gunter Avenue a 66.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Marshall County Health Department handed the Daylight Donuts on Gunter Avenue a 66. When there's a back flow plumbing problem, contaminated water can flow back into the water supply. The health inspector reported there was an issue with the siphonage system at the sink where they wash utensils.

The inspector also reported foods held at the wrong temperatures. A worker was spotted drinking in the kitchen, and the inspector reported Daylight Donuts was serving up some home canned relish.

Because Daylight Donuts scored below 70, the inspector came back within 48 hours. The inspector said most of the problems were fixed, but they still need to have their full reinspection.

The Madison County Health Department handed the India Palace Restaurant on Highway 72 in Madison an 82. The inspector reported workers were using a dirty can opener, and that they found chemicals stored over batter mix.

Simmon's BBQ in Guntersville scored a 76. The health inspector reported the hand sinks kitchen workers use weren't in working order. The inspector also reported the dishwashing process wasn't being done correctly, and that they found dish soap on top of a drink machine.

Mama's in Guntersville scored a 78. The health inspector spotted evidence of rodents The inspector also reported pizza being held more than sixty degrees below the minimum temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods.

A Morgan County health inspector handed the Hartselle Exxon an 81. The inspector reported sandwiches and cantaloupes were held a few degrees above the cold holding temperature requirement, and that there was corrosion in the ice bin.

For all of the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores  

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