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BBB warns against travel company with Huntsville office


A travel club with an office in Huntsville offered travelers reduced-price vacations and exclusive deals on hotels, so they handed over thousands of dollars for a deal. Now they want their money back.

When WAFF 48 News tried to find the company at a Huntsville office, the receptionist couldn't answer questions about a special travel offer sent through the mail.

The company, Great Quest Travel, mails special offers, and customers call a phone number. The person on the other end describes an important presentation the customer must attend once they arrived at their destination. Then the traveler gets a free membership to a travel club with discounts on the Great Quest Travel website, according to the deal.

"When they do go to book something, they find that they are not getting discounts," said Michelle Mason with the Better Business Bureau. "They are spending thousands of dollars for a membership that is supposed to save them money, but what they're finding is that they are not finding any savings so they are just spending this money."

The BBB opened a case on Great Quest Travel last June. Complaints kept coming in over the last eight months.

One reads, "This organization is selling bogus travel club memberships at hotels throughout the country. They charged us almost $7,000 for a useless travel club. They do not answer phone calls made to them. They do not return messages left on their answering machine."

Another reads, "My wife and I canceled a membership to travel club within the three day cooling off period. We have received no response or refund to our credit card."

Under the Alabama Secretary of State's website, Great Quest Travel is listed under owners Adrian Miller and Jeremiah Plaga, both with a Dallas, Texas address.

According to the Dallas Better Business Bureau, Adrian Miller's name is associated with different partners, under several travel businesses with different names.

A 2010 injunction filed by the Texas Attorney General said the companies violated trade practices and ordered miller to pay at least $300,000 to customers. He was ordered not to engage in any further fraudulent activities.

Now the BBB in Huntsville says Miller is behind Great Quest Travel and the office in Huntsville.

"All we do here is accept their mail and we forward it on to their Dallas office," said a woman in the office. "We have no other connection with them at all." 

The woman went on to say a few people have stopped by too, wanting their money back.

When WAFF 48 News placed calls to the Dallas office, we were put on hold for a supervisor after asking for Adrian Miller and Jeremiah Plaga. The person on the line said Plaga was out of town, and they didn't know who Miller was.

Emails asking about the Huntsville office went unanswered.

"The appearance at least is that if they get in trouble in one place, then they move to another state and they open up a different company name," said Mason.

So far only out of state complaints have come into the North Alabama BBB.

"You want to have time to do your homework. You want to have something that you could do some comparison shopping with," said Mason. "If in this case, you have to sign right away to take advantage of it, that's a red flag." 

The North Alabama BBB plans to work with the state attorney general to see if they can take legal action against the company.

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