Facebook group aims to 'save' Madison Square Mall

Page creators said the mall has declined over the years.
Page creators said the mall has declined over the years.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Save Madison Square Mall.  That's the goal for a group of folks who created a Facebook page with the same title. They say they want to generate enough response from the community that will help the mall have what they call a "grand comeback."

"You love seeing people have interest in a retail area," said Mayor Tommy Battle.  "All that means is that somebody cares."

The page currently has a little more that 40 likes and creators hope for more.

Page creators said the mall has declined over the years and with big retailers, like Belk, expected to move out in the near future, they want to voice their opinions about the malls future and ultimately save it.

"I think it's really in a good general area for the surrounding residents that live here, and I like Madison Square Mall," said shopper Tangela Baptiste.  She visits the mall at least once or twice a week.

Battle said the mall may need several things, but he wouldn't use the word "save."

"The mall has all the elements that make for a good shopping area; it just needs to redefine itself," he said.

Battle calls the mall a "work in progress" and said the mall's future has been discussed, but it's ultimately up to the mall's private developer to change.

"We've questioned if it is a good place for an outlet mall, a theme mall, or a hotel," Battle said.  "They've got a number of consultants that they are working with now trying to define exactly what it is that they want to do with that property."

Joe Black, Parkway Place & Madison Square General Manager said to us in a statement:

CBL Properties is always looking for ways to make improvements to our shopping centers. This includes both Madison Square and Parkway Place in the Huntsville market.  We are always looking for opportunities to better the centers because our primary goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

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